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Seed Star Bearing

Carmine Appice

It is smooth with good fast action..very cool,

Carmine Appice

Jotan Afanador

Smooth Action & Powerful Lighting Speed

Jotan Afanador (Aventura)

John Ferraro

I love the speed star bearing on my DW pedal, it is a much smoother feel with power and control, A MUST HAVE, ENJOY.

John Ferraro


I tried my DW6000 pedal with new bearing tonight at my gig, the action was so smooth with more speed yet still provide very natural response. I'm very happy with this:)

Hong (Chanutr Techatana-nan)

Dana Bentley

Speed Star bearing is smother and faster than the factory one.

Dana Bentley (Bentley's Drum Shop)

Jim Rupp

The Canopus Speed Star Bearing took my classic, reliable DW pedal and made it even better. One simple to install part took a great feeling pedal, and made it even smoother and faster. I was amazed at the difference.

Jim Rupp (Columbus Percussion)

Michael Tocker

I am old school and generally don't go for new fangled drum and hardware gadgets. The Canopus Speed Star Bearing is very cool though, After a few minutes of easy installation, my reliable DW 5000 Pedal was magically transformed into a very smooth and fast pedal. The feel is changed greatly as there is more consistency in the back and forth foot-board and beater motion. Some might even say that it plays like butter. This seemingly small attachment, makes a big difference.

Michael Tocker (Daddy's Junky Music)

Ian Croft

I fitted the Speed Bearing to my Yamaha FP570 and it has made a remarkable difference to both the action and the response - far beyond my expectations I should add.

Ian Croft (Editor of iDrum Magazine)

Shane Kinney

Bicyclists, car enthusiasts, and many others enhance their stock gear with performance enhancing parts. Canopus has brought that to bass drum pedals.
The Speed Star bearing will make your stock pedal fly!

Shane Kinney (Drum Center of Portsmouth)

Andrew Dickson

I SERIOUSLY recommend all drummers check out the Speed Star Bearing. I've had one on my Pearl Eliminator for the last month - the improvement is AMAZING!
The pedal, which already felt good, was instantly smoother and easier to play. I can play faster and with more control and sensitivity.
It's hard to believe such a small change, which is so simple to do, would make such a profound difference.

Andrew Dickson

Leon Ndugu Chancler

The Canopus speed star bearing smooths out the motion of the bass drum pedal so it feels effortless.

Leon Ndugu Chancler

Mike Baird

The Speed Star Bearing is a must for anyone using a DW 5000 pedal. The improvement in feel and response is huge. WOW!

Mike Baird

Joey Klaparda

So smooth, So fast, and So slick. Happy feet again!

Joey Klaparda / SIR Las Vegas

Michael Rose

I normally play a Dw 9000 as my main pedal and I use a Dw 5000 as my back up. I have never liked the action of my 5000, it was always stiff and hard to play. I installed the Speed Star Bearing in my 5000 pedal and immediately noticed increased speed, smoothness and action that it never had before! I now like this pedal as much as my main 9000, i'm able to play the most complex patterns and am able to dig out parts I never was able to before with this pedal thanks to the Speed Star Bearing!

Michael Rose / Center Staging

Joseph Gardiner-Lowe

Within this industry, there is always the latest invention that will change the drumming world.. personally, the speed Star bearing sings true to this!

Joseph Gardiner-Lowe / John Henry's Ltd

Anthony Michelli

I just installed Canopus' Speed Star Bearing on my Sonor Perfect Balance pedal. It makes this already amazing pedal even smoother, faster and effortless to play on. Excellent!

Anthony Michelli

Mick Frangou

When I tried out my pedal on my kick drum with the Speed Star bearing I realised the return was significantly faster then with the pedal's original factory fitted bearing, almost too fast.
I like a very light spring tension on my pedals and, at first, it was difficult to get the spring light enough for my technique, but after I adjusted the beater angle slightly this issue was rectified, in fact the tension was lighter then with my original bearing and the fast Speed Star bearing's return was still intact.
My double, triple and 8th and 16th note kick drum strokes are faster and easier to execute with the new bearing.
A great bass drum pedal upgrade.

Mick Frangou


The Speed Star Bearing improved the power and precision of my Camco pedal. It is more responsive and has a smoother action. Thanks Canopus!

Jess Birch (Steve Maxwell NY)

Matt Starr

The Speed Star Bearing made and noticeable improvement to the smoothness, speed and consistency throughout the stroke on my DW 5000 pedal. Looking forward to working with it some more!

Matt Starr