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LIght-weight Hi-Hat Stand

Tutty Moreno

For a drummer who travels and tours all the time, it's great and comfortable to have hardware as light as this. Canopus made this with real grace, a beautiful design and functionality. I can definitely say that Canopus is the future-today.

Tutty Moreno (JOYCE)

Flat Base Snare Stand

Ian Froman

The stands are great - so light - but so sturdy

Ian Froman

Flat Base Cymbal Stand

Dean Schweiger

I have been using all Canopus hardware for years and can not speak highly enough about how well they have served me on my tour. At almost every show I receive high praise, comments, and questions on the Canopus hardware I use in my set up.

Dean Schweiger

Hybrid Cymbal Stand

Dean Schweiger

Strong but not too heavy. Definitely lighter than stands of equal size and strength. Very easy to adjust and tighten.

Jonathon Peretz