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From a warm whisper to a deep roar
Elevate your snare drum to its full potential

A snare drum is the most important component in the drum set, and the snare-wire is a crucial component of your drum’s sound. This fact has not been widely recognized until very recently; only a few drummers understand this important connection.

1n 1960, Ludwig and Slingerland manufactured what has now become the standard for good vintage wires. Several manufacturers have tried to re-produce the sound. After years of research, we have replicated the Slingerland wire taking several factors into account such as material, spiral diameter and pitch. We finally decided on a core thickness of 0.5 mm, a spiral diameter of 1.35mm and a pitch of 3.4 mm.

In that process, we also found that the end plate is another determinant of a snare-wire's sensitivity, and we have tried various sizes for these as well. We concluded that 0.5mm is optimal to hold the wires. We also decided to exclude the guiding grooves for snare strings and tapes that most manufacturers use. These guiding grooves impaired the sensitivity of the snare drum. Our end plate is quite thin however; it may have caused breakage of strings and tapes. We resolved the problem by having the lapel at the holes on the end plate.

After years of careful analysis of the material composition, thickness of the end plate, shaping experiments and production consideration, we have the CANOPUS Vintage Snare Wire.
Super Jazz drummer Bill Stewart once visited us. He was so impressed by our proto-type Vintage Snare Wires he asked us if he could use it. Many CANOPUS endorsers appreciate the sound quality of this snare wire.

Vintage Snare Wire
No. Size Type Remarks
CPSL-14NP For 14" Chrome Snare wire cord is
fitted as standard equipment
CPSL-13NP For 13" Chrome BUY NOW
CPSL-12NP For 12" Chrome BUY NOW
CPSL-10NP For 10" Chrome BUY NOW
For Zelkova Snare Drum
CPSL-ZL14NP For14" Chrome Snare wire cord is
fitted as standard equipment
CPSL-ZL13NP For 13" Chrome  

2 types for your choice, Dry (DR) and Chrome plated (NP).

DR : Without plating (dry and crisp sound)
NP : Chrome-plated (reduced unwanted high pitch overtone, yet rich and mild sound)
ZL : For Zelkova snare drum

*Equip with CNC

*DR was developed to draw an original sound of the non plating wire. Therefore we do not process protection like plating or the painting on the end plates against rust. There is the situation that brass end plate is oxidized,or turn black, it does not affect the performance.

Voices & Reviews
Carmine Appice

Canopus Snare Wires Pro's Tools.


Truly diggin' my Vintage Snare Wires.

Tris Imboden (Chicago)

My Snare drum arsenal rocks with Canopus Vintage Snare Wires.

Gregg Bissonette

I love these Vintage Snare Wires by Canopus.

Steve Murphy (Alan Persons)

The Canopus Vintage Snare Wire is always pure and crisp with the perfect amount of warmth and amazing response. It makes recording snare drums pleasure. Also incredible live clarity.

Bill Stewart

Canopus Vinatge snare wire improved sound to my any snare drums.Warm and Crisp !!

Clarence Penn

It's the most sensitive wire on the
market so if you need sensitivity,
this is the one to have. I use them
on every recording I do.

Alphonse Mouzon

Canopus Snare Wires are amazing and very unique! They make my snare drum sound more clean and crisp than before -just the way I like it!

Tutty Moreno (JOYCE)

It gets difficult to get back to use the other ones.

Adam Nussbaum

The new Canopus Snare Wire will make any snare drum more responsive and user-friendly.

Ian Froman (Metalwood)

Vintage Snare Wires ; gold series gives a nice warm sound while the silver is brighter.

Ndugu Chancler

They are very nice. The sound is crisp and responsive.

Franky dee (Legend of Country Drummer, George Benson)

They are very responsive, crisp even tensioned. These are very sturdy wires and good in all musical situations.

Henry Newmark

These are the closest to the old Slingerland Snare Wires which were the very best sounding.

Albe Bonacci

Fat, sensitive, smooth, there on all my snare drums this is a great all around company.

Steve Murphy

The Canopus Vintage Snare Wire is always pure and crisp with the perfect amount of warmth and amazing response.
It makes recording snare drums pleasure. Also incredible live clarity.

Neal Sausen

I own several sets of Canopus Snappy Snare Wires and have found them to be the MOST SENSITIVE, BRIGHT, CLEAN, (and most important!) musical snare wires I have ever owned!
Great on Ludwig Supraphonic snare drum. THE BEST Canopus Snare Wires.

Ron Powell

I'm always looking for extremes, in sounds. The Canopus Snare wires, give the most and purist snare sound. They are great.

Michael Lauren

The snare wire seems quite durable and obviously has much to do with the way the snare responds.

Bob Hersen (Paul Batterfield, John Patitucci)

They are great sounding snares with a warmer, deeper, richer tone.

Gary Gauger (Inventer of Rims)

Refind sensitivity very sensitive.

Denny Seiwell

They sound great -quite an improvement!

Uli Frost

A great Snare sound with a Canopus snare wire belt!

Paul Jonason

Great warm and sensitive sounding wires.
The fullest sound with least amount of unwanted overtones. By far the best wires for any drum.

Donn Bennett (Dann Bennett Drum Studio)

The Canopus snare wires sound great!! They dramatically increase sensitivity and decrease snare buzz. That's a winning combination!!

Eric Bilger (Allied Music)

Canopus Snare Wire have quality and performance which is un matches by any production Snare Wire Product. Their design features materials quality and perfection in manufacturing is obvious.
The crispness, dynamic range and clarity they offer would be welcome by any drummer hoping to derive a new special sound from this favorite snare drum.
The selection of snare wires available also ensures that Canopus has a snare wire appropriate for any drummer regardless of the type of music he plays.

Herry McCarthy (Drum Paradise, Nashville)

They lay on the snare bed just right and it enables versatility with sensitivity.

Jeff Chonis (Drum Paradise, LA)

t has a fat warm sound.

James Ivers (SIR, Miami)

The difference in sound and tone is noticeable. The snares seem to bring out the mid range and low frequencies otherwise dormant in the snares we have modified with your snare wires.

Ralph Petrossino (SIR, New York)

I have been involved with drums for 25 years and have been a drum tech for some of the best drummers in the world. So, I have a good ear for this kind of thing.
Canopus Snare Wire sounds great and the snare beds are very responsive. They are holding up very well in our rehearsal room and gets lots of compliments on the sound quality.

Manfred Von Bohr
Drums & Percussion Magazine (Germany) / May, 2008

Damit stehen dem Drummer mit den Canopus Teppichen vier unterschiedliche Sounds zur Verfugung, wobei die Teppiche einem hohen Standard erfullen und jede Snaredrum dementsprechend aufwerten durften. ...more

Terry Gargulio
Terry Gargulio

These snare wires are great the snap and pop are like no other you have to try them there the best !

Leon Ndugu Chancler
Leon Ndugu Chancler

Canopus snare wires are like customizing your snare drum to get you exactly what you need.
I use Canopus snare wire to get to the sound I hear in my head.
Canopus products make it easier to do what I do.

Martin Kleibl
Martin Kleibl

The Canopus Vintage Snare Wire will change the sound of your snare drum immediately. If you are looking for the warm and full sound from your snare, try it!

Mike Baird
Mike Baird

Special Review from Mike Baird

Curt Bisquera
Curt Bisquera
Los Angeles / Independent

The Vintage Snare Wire brought my snares back to life. They have much more sensitivity and range. Thank you Canapus!

Jason Sutter
Jason Sutter

Canopus Vintage Snare wires have changed my snare drum sound in ways I never thought possible; More tone, sensitivity and volume! You wont believe what you have been missing!

Fred Dinkins
Fred Dinkins

Canopus snare wires are the best! They allow you to execute dynamics with ease. You can hear the smallest ghost notes and eliminate unwanted snare chatter because of the extreme sensitivity that you get from the snare wires

Lee Ruff
Lee Ruff

Your line of snare wires is absolutely great. It's quite obvious that you have done extensive experimenting in the development of your line of snare wires. I can remember when I was touring back in the 60s, how snare wires were designed. Many drummers today still put the "old" wires on a "new" snare drum from any of the drum companies. Those old wires, if you can find them in usable condition, can sweeten up just about any snare drum. For years I have been looking for fresh, new wires that have those same qualities. Your company has answered that calling. Your "Vintage" wires are even better than those old 60s wires. The thin end pieces and wire with just the right number of coils per inch and tension, are simply the best I've ever heard. I love your unplated, "Vintage" snares for acoustic jazz. Your "Backbeat" wires are equally impressive to me, when playing funky rock, soul, jazz fusion or big band. Congratulations to your company for a job well done!