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Carbon Fiber
Carbon Fiber 22"x16"BD, 12"x8"TT, 14"x13", 16"x15"FT

Please note the sound could be slightly defferent depending on the playback environment of your PC.
We recommend the use of high definition headphones or earphones in order to listen in the more realistic sound.


Compare with the other drum series sound.

A Primal Force from Modern Technology

Working with Rocket Shells of U.S.A, we have utilized Carbon Fiber shells for this amazing drum. These shells have excellent sound transmission because they do not absorb vibration energy.
This creates mellow middle range sound surrounded by a high sound projection, intense attack and long sustain - similar to the characteristic of hard wood shell.
There is a tendency to associate carbon fiber with a lifeless sound, but with the edge shaping technique and characteristic shell structure, we have created a pleasant sound which challenges this misconception.



What is R&D Line?

R&D Line is the name of the group of series wich have been commercialized in the course of research all-rounders, they are excellent drum that posses out standin individualities. They are manufactured in the limited quantities by custom orders, also it is the special line that we respond to the customers orders as nearly as possible.