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Acrylic Drum

Mind-blowing colors, Defined Attack and Rich Tone

In the past, the common perception was that acrylic drums, with resin shells, did not provide a rich tone. In addition, the acrylic drums of the past often left an impression of a short, choked sound.
However, Canopus acrylic has overturned these perceptions- providing clean, clear attack and an extremely musical tone. Our unique bearing edge processing has equalized the shell response to provide a much more listenable sound.
Canopus' superior workmanship has allowed lugs to be attached with a single screw - allowing a full range of head tensions with no fear of the cracking seen in other acrylic drums.
An added advantage of acrylic is its high resistance to moisture at live performances.

<Shuntaro Kado>

What is R&D Line?

R&D Line is the name of the group of series wich have been commercialized in the course of research all-rounders, they are excellent drum that posses out standin individualities. They are manufactured in the limited quantities by custom orders, also it is the special line that we respond to the customers orders as nearly as possible.